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  • PulseAudio is an free cross-platform audio server. This addon may be usefull for creating PulseAudio clients on JS, which runs on NodeJS. You can retrieve source/sink info from server...
See PulseAudio for the main article. Here you will find some hints on volume issues and why you may not hear anything. Auto-Mute Mode may be enabled. It can be disabled using alsamixer. See http://superuser.com/questions/431079/how-to-disable-auto-mute-mode for more.

VMware WS can't detect the sound card after unloading the modules "snd_oss_*" because "/dev/dsp" is automatically deleted when these modules are unloaded on recent Linux distributions. I got sound with VMware WS 6.5.0 and PulseAudio 0.9.8 in Fedora 8 on 32bit box after changing the setting to "/dev/dsp". (I didn't get sound with "Auto Detect".

- pulseaudio 6.0 with bluez5 module support - ti wl18xx driver and firmware 8.5R, TIInit_11.8.32.bts file. I am able to pair and connect to headsets, so I think driver + bluetooth stack is fine. After connection, pulseaudio creates bluetooth source (thorugh module-bluez5-device), but no sink device, the one I need for my streaming application.
  • Apr 23, 2018 · After restart, the same thing, about 10% CPU. Then i tried /etc/pulse/client.conf to configure pulseaudio to start in debug mode, also “autospawn on” instead of off. But no luck with debug mode but the high CPU USAGE is gone. Then i go back to autospawn off and since then The High CPU Usage is gone. No Idea why. Okay set this to SOLVED
  • When I first booted Ubuntu, I had no sound. It turned out that PulseAudio saw that I had a USB sound card plugged in and assumed that I wanted to use it. That seems reasonable, but it's wrong; I didn't own any speakers that I could plug into that sound card, and the only reason it's plugged in is that it's part of the hub.
  • Dec 07, 2020 · You can start pulseaudio in command line mode using pulseaudio -C and then list various information and change settings. See man pulse-cli-syntax . If pulseaudio was working but you no-longer have sound, after checking for hardware issues (speakers or headphones not connected, external amplifier not connected) you may need to fix it.

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    General sound problems - where the problem is observed across multiple applications - should usually be filed against the kernel, or PulseAudio (see below for instructions on determining whether the problem is PulseAudio-related). If the problem is observed only in a specific application, or only in applications which use a single sound library ...

    You won't find the ability to enable simultaneous output in the default Pulseaudio sound controls for any desktop environment. After all, the setting is fairly obscure. So, if you want a graphical control to enable it, you'll need to install the paprefs package to gain access to additional Pulseaudio controls. Ubuntu/Debian/Mint

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    See full list on mathiashueber.com

    Sound quality in modern distros is and was a pet peeve of mine, I can't stand muddy, mushy sound pulseaudio -start. Or you can log out, then log in your account.The sound quality will improve, and...

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    When I compare the sound from Google Play music, YouTube and there is no doubt, music is so In Linux the music sounds like from a can. There is no advanced sound panel to tweak, or is it?

    5. Check sound settings. Check to make sure your audio devices aren't muted and haven't been Right-click the listing for your sound card or audio device, such as headphones or speakers, select...

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    Sep 14, 2020 · youtube video sound sync problem with JACK (no pulseaudio) Post by bentjack » Mon Sep 14, 2020 6:13 pm Youtube video sound sync is going off using just JACK, no pulseaudio.

    Sep 26, 2012 · PulseAudio is the default sound server used in Ubuntu these days (including many other GNU/Linux distributions). Although I usually end up having troubles with it thus I just use ALSA instead . But many like it for its versatile features .

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    Dec 11, 2020 · While no new features were added in Mesa 20.2.4, there was a rendering bugfix for Blender viewport with AMD NAVI 5700 XT GPUs. Firewalld 0.9.1 removed a patch and added a workaround for the Docker bridge. ModemManager 1.14.8 made minor improvements and fixed a daemon crash when a device is being removed during the initialization sequence.

    Jul 13, 2017 · 1) Check pulseaudio is running as a daemon. $ ps -ae | grep pulseaudio. 2) Run Pulseaudio in with verbose $ pulseaudio -vvvv. If RED color logs are there, please go through it or post below. If no error are there do ctrl +c . 3) Start Pulseaudio as a daemon $ pulseaudio -D. 4) Play a wav file using command line $ paplay "wave file path"

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    I've been using obs for a while now great software. Not too long ago I switched from ubuntu to arch linux now when ever I try to use pulseaudio to capture audio I get no sound.

    PulseAudio, previously known as Polypaudio, is a sound server for POSIX and WIN32 systems. It is a drop in replacement for the ESD sound server with much better latency, mixing/re-sampling quality and overall architecture. These are some of PulseAudio's features: * High quality software mixing of multiple audio streams with support for

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    Neither will audio players work. Usually, audio support under WSL is unnecessary because Windows already provides better support for your music/video needs. If, for whatever reason, you want to hear audio playing under WSL, there is a way to do it. You will need to set up PulseAudio both under both Windows and WSL. Setting Up PulseAudio on Windows

    # This file is part of PulseAudio. # # PulseAudio is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify # it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as # published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the # License, or (at your option) any later version.

No login and manual steps, i. e. just plug it in and use it. Easy, predictable scripted install; As it turns out, A2DP and A2CP profiles mandate the use of Bluez 5 which in turn needs Pulse Audio 5. What is Bluez? Bluez is the Linux bluetooth stack. It handles all the low level bluetooth stuff (pairing, audio data transfer, etc.) What is Pulse ...
When mumble is launched, there is no more sound input/output in the system. It's seems to be related to input/output Mumble preferences and Pulseaudio. Close mumble restore the normal behaviour. The issue is not present in version 1.3.0rc1-1 Additional info: * package version(s): 1.3.0rc1-2 Steps to reproduce: - Open mumble
Jul 20, 2020 · Ubuntu no sound issue. In such situations, it might be related to a permission issue with the pulseaudio config file. Try to run the commands below in order to fix this : killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.config/pulse/* Selection of the correct sound device. Some Linux computers have several sound devices installed.
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